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Virtual Private Servers

Fastest VPS server in Namibia with the best support if you need assistance.

Virtual Private Server Plan

A breakdown of how each hosting type differs.

DISCLAIMER: The pricing listed on above does not include connectivity costs. Connectivity pricing will be provided upon request based on your specific needs and may differ from what is shown.

All our VPS Includes:

Free Control Panel

Full root access

Your choice of Linux Operating system

Firewall protection

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

30 Day free Trial

Why Choose Us?


Multiple Firewalls and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) protects your sensitive data


We constantly monitor all our servers and services to ensure 99.9% uptime


Secure connection to all our services via encrypted connections


Need a fast website that provides the best customer experience? Look no further


100% Local Namibian support from a knowledgeable team


Get up-to-date security patches for your website

Need Something extra?


Can I have Windows on my VPS?

No problem. We have Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019. Just choose windows server on the checkout

Can I have more than 1 Public IP address on my VPS?

Yes, just select the extra adding on checkout of the VPS.

I need to host multiple servers, can I have my own Virtual Datacentre?

We support Multiple VPS Servers in a Private Virtual Datacenter where you have access to all you VPS Servers including a private network between the servers. Just contact us for your custom solution