Outlook on Windows 7 does not connect

This issue might occur because Windows 7 does not support newer security protocols by default. to fix that we need to install a patch and do a registry edit.

This issue comes in that Windows 7 does not support TLS1.2

Ensure you are running at least Service Pack 1

Step 1:

Download the patch from the Microsoft catalog site


Once installed Reboot the machine

Step 2:

Download the EasyFix tool from Microsoft site


Click on Start then search for “Command Prompt”. Right click “Command Prompt” then “Run as administrator”. On the “User Account Control” click on the “Yes” button. Once the black box appears run the following command “regedit”.

Check for the following registry key:


Under the Protocols key, add two new keys, if not already there: One called “TLS 1.1” and one called “TLS 1.2”. Inside both of these keys, add another key called “Client“. Now create a DWORD value in each Client key called “DisabledByDefault” whose value is 00000000.

Once installed Reboot the machine

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