Having your own domain can help you generate MORE INCOME

By having your own custom domain, your company looks more professional. 

Some rules to creating a having a successfull business:

#1: Have your own domain

Don't use your service providers domain, this makes you look unprofessional and small. With your own domain you have full control on the infomation flow and you can have your own website!

#2: Have a company email address standard

Create email groups such as sales@yourcompany.com.na and have the group forward to your own email name.surname@yourcompany.com.na
This is makes it easier for your customers to contact you. And if your company grown, you can add more people to the group. And because group's are free this makes your company look more established than your competitor.

Final note,

People think that having your own domain and custom email is expensive. This is not the case, domains can start at N$ 363.00 per year and email at only N$ 76 /mo 

So why do you still use your ISP's domain? Get your company online fast, best of all we assist you through the whole process.

Contact us today @ sales@click.na or call us on +264 61 27 2227

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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