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Expanse Gaming Packages

Expanse is designed for gamers, prioritizing online gaming and streaming over other data usage. With optimized internet speeds, Expanse allows gamers to play online games with minimal lag and stream content seamlessly. Overall, Expanse is an ideal choice for gamers who want a reliable and fast internet connection for a seamless gaming experience.

Max Download speed

Max upload speed


36 months

24 months

12 months





N$ 479

N$ 515

N$ 629





N$ 679

N$ 715

N$ 829





N$ 879

N$ 915

N$ 1,029





N$ 1,479

N$ 1, 515

N$ 1,629

Once off Installation cost: N$ 2,500

Frequently Asked Questions

Which internet package is suitable for me?

The internet speed package you need depends on your usage habits and the number of devices that will be connected to the internet at the same time. If you primarily use the internet for basic browsing and streaming, a lower speed package may be sufficient. However, if you frequently download large files or use multiple devices at once, a higher speed package may be necessary.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the speed of my internet package?

Yes, we allow you to upgrade or downgrade your internet speed package at any time. However, there may be fees or contract changes associated with making changes to your plan.

Are there data limits?

All our packages include uncapped data usage.

How do I know what internet speed I'm currently getting?

You can check your internet speed by running a speed test. There are many free speed test tools available online.

Gaming no lag

No Lag Gaming

You are about to win when all of a sudden t…th…the game s…sta…rrts to la…lag. Switch to our Expanse Gaming Package that is built for the ultimate gaming experience.

Unlimited Data / No fair based use policy

Up to 50mbps

Router Included

How we connect you?

We will install a receiving antenna either onto a wall or on the roof of your premises which will connect to a router inside of your home to distribute the internet.


How we connect you

What the Expanse Gaming Packages Offer

Expanse Prioritises Gaming

Your real time online games receives top priority on our network ensuring the smoothest gaming experience possible.

Recommended for

This is the perfect package for online gamers and live streamers. Lag will never cost you your game again.

Unlimited Data

We believe in “you get what you pay for”. Therefore, unlimited data means no fair use policy (no data cap).

What internet package

suits you?

Internet Speed

0-5 Mbps

4-40 Mbps

40-100 Mbps

What you can do.

Sending Emails

Search Google

Stream in HD on a single device.

Stream in HD on a few devices

Play online games

Run 1-2smart devices

Stream in 4K on 2-4 Devices

Play online with multiple players

Download big files quickly (500mb to 2gb)

Run 3-5 Smart Devices

Number of active devices

1-2 Devices

2-8 Devices

8-15 Devices

Get  your game on with

ultra-high-speed Internet