Email signature keeps disappearing in Microsoft Outlook 2016

How to fix your email signature disappearing in Microsoft Outlook 2016

Choose the default signature for your email account
1. Firstly click on file then click on options.
2. Next click on Mail then look for a signatures button and click on it.

3. After that on the top right of the screen select your signature for New messages, Replies/forwards and E-mail account.

Verify that Outlook is storing the signature correctly
1. Navigate to where the signatures are stored ( C:\Users\Your User Profile\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures )
2. There should be a few files that have either the whole signature or parts of it, some of which are a HTM file, Rich text format file and a normal text document.

Recreating the Outlook profile.
1. From the control panel click on the view by box around the top right corner and then click on small icons.
2. Next click on Mail.
3. From here click on show profiles… and click on add and then type in a name for your profile

5 .Next on the Account setup enter your name then enter your email address and password that was provided to you by your email provider then click next.
5. After that click next until done

Repair Outlook
1. To repair Outlook open control panel.

2. Go into Uninstall a Program.
3. Click on Microsoft office or the Outlook that you have.
4. Click on the Change/uninstall button.

5. Then select repair and continue until the repair is complete. 


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